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Sullon Zek Jihad

Trolls of the Interweb

Holy War of Sullon Zek
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This is a community of trolls. When I say trolls, I mean people that get a sick satisfaction out of someone else's misery/frustration. www.landoverbaptist.org plays off of people's hate for extremist christians. www.bonsaikitten.com is a great troll that stil has people thinking it's a real asian art (it's not). Do a google search for a certain guy named FANSY THE FAMOUS BARD. There's a certain page that explains, in detail, of his exploits of a game called Everquest (it's so goddamn funny.
Trolls are generally message board lurkers bent of causing anger and trouble. Sullon Zek was a community of trolls on www.ezboard.com that spammed other message boards with vile messages and images. These glorious spams coined the term Jihad, in reference to the spam attacks. They got banned dozens of times, and eventually got a non-ezboard board that lasted about a full year. Then, they planned to jihad again, and were pre-emptively banned. Once, SZ had an incredible amount of thriving members, and at any given time there would be 50 people viewing the board. Now all that remains are about 10 or so stragglers that dwell in a certain IRC server. (i fear giving out the name might get that room banned).
This community will never have the status Sullon Zek did, but the goal is similar: To organize trolls around the web that love to piss people off. Regail us with AIM pranks, phone cranks, and Livejournal/Teenopendiary trolls. Give us accounts of real life exploits and how you successfully irritated someone or a large group of people. Rant about minorities, shout obscenities, admit to vile and depraved actions. Do whatever. Try to piss others on here off. I'm pretty accepting. Rarely will I exclude entries or delete stuff. I just don't want this community banned. Don't give out personal information about people. Have fun. Make sure others don't.

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