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Holy War of Sullon Zek

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PZZAK GETS FUCKED [30 Apr 2004|04:38am]

This is what happens when you try to get away from Sullon Zek. They find you, they find your friends, they wreak their havoc.

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woah [15 Nov 2003|01:59pm]

[ mood | drunk ]


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(it will last not long, methinks)

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enemy [11 Oct 2003|02:25pm]


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OSAMA BIN JESUS [09 Oct 2003|05:46pm]


he's such a jew. oh wait...
I put this on the back of a t-shirt and the people at school didn't take too kindly too it.

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Sand Castle Fun [09 Oct 2003|09:19am]


hehe... sandnigger

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Sullon Zek TROLL! [08 Oct 2003|09:47am]

Okay, okay... here's what I did- I asked an irl friend from SES to take a picture with me, and then post the pictures of me and her on SZ, PRETENDING that I was going to ask her out (she was attractive, so this was believable), while in reality we were just friends. I had no intention of ever asking her out. What happened was a classic case of SZ Trolling.


oh god this makes me LOL so hard.

And here's the follow-up troll post:

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"Trolls Unite" and "Abortion is Evil" [30 Sep 2003|08:36pm]

For the first entry in here, I shall post a link to the all-famous WWW.GOATSE.CX GO THERE IT'S REALLY FUN. Oh and by the way Nuck Figgers. And a good troll I came up with and posted on another journal site: We at Jesus Inc have battled over this controversy for as long as the corporation has been in business: Abortion. The stipulation is whether or not God can condone the action of killing the potential child that is living inside the womb. Some have said that yes, the right should be of the people, God condemns murder, not justified death. Others object with the argument that murder and justified death are the same, and that life begins at conception. We, serving right-wing, white, conservative republican views must agree with the latter, despite the unarguable deaths of hundreds of thousands in wars commanded to occur by the Big Man Himself. So we came to the conclusion that killing that child (or sperm) of God has every right to live and that the circumstantial judgment of death should not be within man's power. But, if that one sperm should have a priority of living in say, a case where the mother would die while giving birth, who's to say we can place priority judgments on ANY potential life form? Date rape case pregnancy? Sorry, God's plan says you're to have this bastard child. You say you'll die if you birth a boy? Our condolences, God's son says you've gotta kick the bucket. Planning on having a kid at all? Sorry, we can't have that either. "WHAT?!" you may say, but according to our no sperm priorities, you can't procreate at all, since when you ejaculate into a woman even if she gets pregnant, you are condemning millions of sperm and potential children to their vaginal doom. And for you guys laughing at the women's misfortune of not being able to experience sex, you can't turn to being a back-door buddy, either. In fact, you can't even masturbate, as that would be a spermy holocaust, and you would be liable for the death of millions of little children. So stop having sex, stop masturbating, stop looking at pictures of livestock before you go to bed! You're killing potential children of God that you mustn't have!
We thought today you deserve a witty catch phrase that provides some truthful sentence to motivate you. Here goes:
"If you're ever feeling like you just never win, remember this fact -you were in a race with over a million contestants... and you won!!! And even before you turned 5"

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